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Human Factors Consultant

Let me help you conceptualize, design and test your next-generation head- or body-mounted, handheld, desktop or integrated display or imaging device. Infusing usability into your product at the earliest possible design phase will be repayed in increased sales and fewer calls for customer service. I have a deep understanding of the interplay and equivalence of perception and action, and these concepts underlie the utility and preference for human-intensive display products and systems. I also have a great track record at helping companies win SBIR and STTR Phase I and Phase II awards.
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2013AF SBIR Phase II 3D Stereo binocular HMD for JSFSA PhotonicsWIN
2013AF SBIR Phase II Color symbology in helmet mounted visors and heads up displaysSA PhotonicsWIN
2012AF SBIR Phase I 3D Stereo binocular HMD for JSFSA PhotonicsWIN
2012AF SBIR Phase I Color symbology in helmet mounted visors and heads up displaysSA PhotonicsWIN
2011AF SBIR Phase II Dichoptic imaging to increase FOVSA PhotonicsWIN
2011Army SBIR Phase I Heads-up display for control of unmanned ground vehiclesSA PhotonicsWIN
2011AF SBIR Phase I HMD-compatible mission performance measurement system and toolsSA PhotonicsWIN
2010AF SBIR Phase I Dichoptic imaging to increase FOVSA PhotonicsWIN
2009AF SBIR Phase II JSF simulator/HMD interfaceSA PhotonicsWIN
2008Navy STTR Phase I motion sickness in flight simulatorsSA PhotonicsWIN
2008AF SBIR Phase I JSF simulator/HMD interfaceSA PhotonicsWIN
2008AF SBIR Phase I WFOV NVGSA PhotonicsWIN
2002DoD STTR Phase I Fast action HMDFakespace LabsWIN
2001USDC HMD human factorsMcLaughlin Consulting GroupWIN
1999AF SBIR Phase I Displaying large schematics on laptop displaysAnacapa SciencesWIN

My professional work has involved the design and evaluation of head-mounted displays, imagery systems, and medical devices. Background information:

Consultant, 1996-present
Kaiser Electronics, San Jose CA, 1987-1996
Anacapa Sciences Inc., Santa Barbara CA, 1985-1986
Systems Research Laboratories, Dayton OH, 1979-1984
USC, instructor--part-time, 1985 & 1987
Consultant--part-time, 1987-1993


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I work with engineers, industrial designers, and marketeers to ensure that their products are both usable and noteworthy. I advocate putting the user at the center of the design process--using tools such as rapid prototyping and usability testing. I am willing to provide assistance for urgent human-interface problems needing a quick fix, or on longer development projects.

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